Signiant, a leading provider in the realm of global software development, specializes in facilitating the seamless transfer of vast code base files worldwide. Working alongside prominent companies like Disney, NBC, and Apple, Signiant approached us with a request to revitalize their existing website and revamp their overall user experience (UX) strategy and design. Our objective was to create a modern, user-friendly flow and aesthetic that not only aligned with their brand but also prioritized conversion goals for product demos and overall sales pipelines.


Signiant faced the challenge of ensuring efficient and secure file transfers of extensive code bases across international borders. However, their existing website and UX design were not adequately meeting the needs of their global clientele. To tackle this issue, we undertook the task of overhauling their site and optimizing the UX to enhance user satisfaction and drive conversions.


To address Signiant’s requirements, we embarked on a comprehensive UX redesign project. Our primary focus was to create an intuitive and engaging user flow that simplified the process of moving large code base files while maintaining utmost security. We collaborated closely with Signiant’s team to understand their specific goals and objectives, ensuring our design and strategy aligned with their vision. By incorporating modern design principles, we sought to provide an aesthetically pleasing experience that also encouraged users to explore Signiant’s product demos and contribute to their sales pipelines.


Our team successfully crafted a revamped UX strategy and design for Signiant’s website that elevated their brand identity and improved overall functionality. We implemented a user-friendly interface that facilitated seamless navigation, enabling users to effortlessly transfer massive code base files across the globe. The modern look and feel of the design enhanced the user experience, resulting in increased engagement and conversion rates. By strategically integrating conversion-focused elements throughout the site, we successfully directed users towards product demos and encouraged them to enter Signiant’s sales pipelines.


The updated UX strategy and design positively impacted Signiant’s business outcomes. Users found it easier and more enjoyable to navigate the website, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased conversions. Signiant’s revamped website now served as an effective platform for showcasing product demos and capturing potential leads for their sales pipelines. With the successful implementation of the new UX strategy and design, Signiant witnessed notable growth in their global software development operations, further solidifying their position as a trusted partner for leading companies in the industry.


Through our collaboration with Signiant, we were able to fulfill their request for an updated website and a comprehensive UX strategy and design overhaul. By focusing on creating a user-friendly flow and a modern aesthetic, we successfully improved the overall user experience and optimized the conversion goals for product demos and sales pipelines. The resulting impact on Signiant’s business was substantial, empowering them to continue facilitating the global software development process efficiently and effectively.