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Screenshot of Reward Gateway's homepage

Reward Gateway, a leading HR platform driven by culture and client needs, empowers companies with tools and products to engage employees and foster organizational success through recognition. Seeking a fresh and vibrant look, Reward Gateway approached us with the goal of revamping their platform while prioritizing SEO and sales conversions using the HubSpot platform.


Reward Gateway faced the challenge of aligning their platform’s visual identity with their culture-driven approach while also optimizing it for search engine visibility and driving sales conversions. Their objective was to create an upbeat and fun design that would resonate with users while effectively leveraging SEO and sales capabilities.


To address Reward Gateway’s requirements, we adopted a comprehensive approach that balanced design aesthetics with SEO and sales conversion goals. Collaborating closely with the Reward Gateway team, we delved into their unique culture and client-driven approach to understand their vision and goals. Utilizing this insight, we crafted a new look and feel that embodied a vibrant and engaging experience while strategically integrating SEO techniques and leveraging the HubSpot platform’s sales features.


Our team successfully executed a platform revamp for Reward Gateway that reflected their culture and client-driven values while enhancing SEO and sales conversions. The new look and feel exuded an upbeat and fun atmosphere, fostering employee engagement and user satisfaction. Simultaneously, we implemented SEO strategies to boost search engine visibility, ensuring Reward Gateway’s platform reached a wider audience. Leveraging the HubSpot platform, we optimized the sales conversion process, driving company success through increased customer acquisitions.


The revitalized platform had a positive impact on Reward Gateway’s business outcomes. The new design resonated with users, resulting in heightened employee engagement and improved customer satisfaction. By implementing SEO best practices, Reward Gateway experienced increased visibility in search engine rankings, attracting a larger audience and potential customers. The optimized sales conversion process facilitated by the HubSpot platform led to a higher conversion rate and improved company success.


Through our collaboration with Reward Gateway, we successfully revamped their HR platform to align with their culture-driven approach while prioritizing SEO and sales conversions. The platform’s upbeat and fun design enhanced user engagement, while strategic SEO implementation expanded its reach. Leveraging the HubSpot platform’s sales features, we optimized the conversion process, driving company success through increased customer acquisitions. Reward Gateway now stands as a leading innovator in the HR industry, offering an engaging and effective platform that enables companies to foster employee satisfaction and drive organizational growth.