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Screenshot of Tempo homepage

Client Overview

Tempo, a dynamic company in need of a brand and website overhaul, approached us with the objective of evolving their brand identity. Their primary focus was to refresh the design and information architecture of their website to effectively convert visitors into customers. Collaborating closely with the Tempo leadership team, we developed the necessary requirements, devised a comprehensive UX strategy and design, and implemented performance enhancements within the HubSpot platform.


Tempo faced the challenge of an outdated brand and website presence, which hindered their ability to effectively engage and convert potential customers. To address this issue, our task was to revitalize their brand image and create an improved website experience that would maximize conversions.


To meet Tempo’s requirements, we embarked on a collaborative journey with their leadership team. Through extensive discussions and workshops, we gained valuable insights into their vision and goals. Leveraging this understanding, we formulated a strategic plan for their brand evolution and devised a user-centric design and information architecture. Additionally, we implemented performance enhancements within the HubSpot platform to optimize their marketing and sales processes.


Our team successfully executed a brand and website transformation for Tempo, resulting in a refreshed and captivating online presence. By integrating a modern design and intuitive user experience, we created a website that effectively communicated Tempo’s value proposition and engaged visitors. The improved information architecture streamlined the conversion journey, leading to an increase in customer acquisitions. Furthermore, our implementation of performance enhancements in the HubSpot platform allowed for efficient management of marketing and sales processes, empowering Tempo to achieve their business objectives.


The brand and website update had a significant impact on Tempo’s success. The refreshed brand identity resonated with their target audience, leading to increased brand recognition and customer engagement. The revamped website’s optimized information architecture and user experience resulted in a higher conversion rate, effectively turning visitors into customers. The integration of performance enhancements within the HubSpot platform facilitated streamlined marketing and sales processes, enabling Tempo to efficiently manage their customer acquisition efforts.


Through our collaboration with Tempo, we successfully transformed their brand and website presence, generating remarkable results. The evolution of their brand identity and the enhanced user experience significantly contributed to improved customer engagement and conversions. With the implementation of performance enhancements in the HubSpot platform, Tempo gained a competitive edge in managing their marketing and sales processes. The successful execution of this project solidified Tempo’s position as a forward-thinking company with a compelling online presence, driving their continued growth and success in the industry.